Science Curriculum

Apollo Module

Apollo Module


Students graduating from Alberta schools require the scientific and related technological knowledge and skills that will enable them to understand and interpret their world and become productive members of society. They also need to develop attitudes that will motivate them to use their knowledge and skills in a responsible manner. Science programs provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to explore interests and prepare for further education and careers.


This program of studies is organized into units as outlined below.

Unit of Study

Grade 8

A.  Mix and Flow of Matter
B.  Cells and Systems
C.  Light And Optical Systems
D.  Mechanical Systems
E.  Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9

A.  Biological Diversity
B.  Matter and Chemical Change
C.  Environmental Chemistry
D.  Electrical Principles and Technology
E.  Space Exploration

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